Local Marketing & SEO for Medical, Dental and Service Businesses
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Let LocalGiant Invest in Your Success

Our unique Program was designed to cut through the “noise” of the type of online advertising you may be accustomed to.




Qualifying businesses pay us only when,

and if the Program works!


What We Do

When you become a client at LocalGiant, you become part of the family. Every campaign we run is different as we believe in utilizing every tool possible to help our clients grow. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all approach” as your campaign ought to be as unique as you are. We’re much more than a SEO company or web design firm— Our Program encompasses your entire web presence.

How We Do It

We see success as a long-term process of nurturing your online presence through the careful blend of high-technology products with high-touch customer service and expertise. Our dynamic process refines your campaign on an ongoing basis in order to maximize the number of prospective customers that reach you via your online campaigns helping you achieve the best ROI.

Seriously, No Up-Front Cost

LocalGiant was created to help businesses like yours be able to cut through the noise, and to break the mold of traditional online marketing. As markets change, we move quickly to stay ahead of the curve. Unlike traditional marketing where they are compensated regardless of the outcome, your, and our interests are aligned as our success depends on YOUR success.

How to Qualify?

Using proprietary systems, LocalGiant will run a comprehensive market analysis to forecast the results which could be expected specifically for your market and business.


Call today for your FREE LocalBusiness evaluation to see how LocalGiant can help more customers find you.

Want More Customers? We Can Help!

The Program – At a Glance

We offer comprehensive online marketing solutions to help you increase your online presence, generate better conversions and establish long-term engagement for your business



We will build you a custom website, fully optimized for search engines and made for all devices, including: mobile, desktops, laptops & tablets. Our designers and conversion optimization experts will tailor your responsive website to help you win new customers.



Our LocalMaps team will work to claim listings and optimize content distributed through the maps section of major search engines. Using our proprietary mapping system, we can literally put your business “on the map!”



Our SEO team will optimize your web content as well as add and distribute new content through our vast LocalNetwork on an ongoing basis to ensure ideal search engine placement.



To expedite your market exposure, our LocalClick pay-per-click advertising is like strapping a rocket to your campaign. Let LocalGiant pay for and distribute optimized ads that appear in the sponsored search section of major search engines, and social channels.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are a thousand words worth? Find out with LocalVoice, our state of the art call recording and tracking system. Now you can review all inbound leads and also oversee how your staff is handling leads and increase conversions as a result.



Combined with LocalVoice, LocalTracks offers comprehensive performance tracking to measure how effective your campaign is going. Track leads, and monitor staff to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

What Can LocalGiant Do for Me?

Success Stories

We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a question about the LocalGiant Program? Want to learn more about local online marketing, and why we may be willing to front the money for your campaign?

Give us a call today and let us help! (888) 210-5665


  • Custom Website
    We’ll build you a custom website, or optimize your current site if you prefer.
  • Ongoing Promotion
    Maps Optimization, PR/Outreach, Targeted Paid Ads, Social Optimization,and more!
  • Results Tracking
    Full Analytics, Call Tracking and Recording.
  • Interests Aligned
    Our Program is unique in that our interests are aligned. We’re always there to make sure your phone keeps ringing!
  • NO Up-Front Costs
    You aren’t required to pay any money up-front. Only once the program delivers are you charged.